Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Beginning is easy - continuing is hard"

Keeping a journal is something I envied some kids growing up.
They wrote everything about themselves and what had happended throughout the day on a journal. Yet I always felt that it would be pointless to write into something that only I would read. As life has taught me brutally, some experiences shape you into a certain person and make you unique from the idiot next to you. So one day I came up with an idea to share my experiences with the world, hoping I would learn more from sharing than keeping it to myself.

This is not your ordinary blog.
"Talk with Your Mouth Closed" is a blog about a skill that we EARN throughout the years after many experiences that change our lives or just make is smile like idiots on a summer day. Like Roosevelt once said "talk softly and carry a big stick", he knew that the wisest people listen to much more than what they talk, yet they know when they are hearing bullshit. I'm not stating that I am the wisest (certainly) or that you should listen to me and follow all my advice. I am telling you to hear me out.

This blog will attempt to teach you about our times on Earth and it's content.
We read cute quotes everyday asking them to bring us up from our downside using a couple of cleverly positioned words. Well the truths that we find in these words last as long as we allow them to. The high you get from reading an amazing quote fades away as the moments pass, unless you live what you read.

I will post plenty of quotes that I have gathered from very unorthodox sources and some very common quotes as well.

Like I said, the purpose of this blog is to enlighten the mind, and keep it lit.