Monday, July 4, 2011

"Trust should be the basis for all our moral training."

You need to trust people. People need to trust you. 

Knowing there's someone you can pour your heart out to makes us humans and vulnerable yet strong. Be it with your deepest darkest secrets, with your treasured items or anything you might require; you need someone to trust.

Now I've come to realize that we trust certain people with specific things. Ergo, there is not not one person we tell EVERYTHING to. You've probably described everything about yourself to best friends, relatives, etcetera but never all to ONE person. This is because we know that no matter how incredibly close and trustful you become to someone, there is always someone who will understand you more clearly. Maybe your best friend is who you tell your dreams to, maybe your lover is who you describe how you like to be touched, and maybe your mom is who knows your every fear and how you like to be waken up on a Saturday morning.

You trust people with pieces of the jigsaw puzzle but you never let them see the full picture.


  1. Very true, man. It's in our nature to socialize and loneliness can make any man go mad. As much as anyone might hate to admit it, we do need other people. Trust is key to keep any sort of relation strong. (:

  2. wow... so touching. I think I can "Trust" your blog's teachings!

  3. I really like this paragraph, thank you.

  4. True, trust is very important and hard to come by.

  5. i trust ppl too much, or maybe i just trust the wrong ppl sometimes. yeah probably that