Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"We always wish for the wrong things."

Our wishes want what reality can't give us.

Everyday I wake up and wish for the luck to be my side, for the day to go smoothly, full of life and smiles.

8:00AM, I wake up and check my phone almost instantly, smiling at her words she's sent hours before I have landed from my plane of dreams. I get up and do my daily routine, staring at my phone while I eat a bowl of cereal, searching for the perfect reply to compliment her words. 

She's special to me, and I'm nothing to her because she is everything to someone else. I accept this fate every morning, yet I wish it wasn't like this. 
Every single day, where the mornings are perfect, where the coffee is hot, and the sun is shining, she is still just a wish. A wish cleverly constructed by my imagination that maybe, just maybe, I might be so special to her as she is to me. A wish that one day, while we share stares, she might have a lapse of judgement and lean in for a kiss.

Like the wishes we make at every birthday cake, I sit silently and smile, waiting for them to come true.


  1. I like it it's really cute. I like it better than your last post.

    PS: comment on mine too :(